What Happens at a Discovery Group

Each Discovery group session will involve: Image result for white smiley face emoji

Thankful: What are you thankful for/celebrating this week? (Approx 3mins)

Related imageAccountability:How have you shared with someone else, what you learned last week?

How did your "I wills..." go?
(Approx 5 mins)



Bible Discovery


Image result for bible icon
  • What does the Bible passage say? This could have been written in your journal over the week. (Retell and read the passage out loud.)
  • How would you say that? (Retell in your own words.)
  • Use the  6 questions Tools to discover what is God sying to us through this passage
  • What do you need to do this week, following what you have just read? Craft a sentence starting, "I will..."
  • What is the passage to look at for next week? ​
    (Approx 30 mins for this section)
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