PRAYING FOR OUR YOUTH-a daily devotional to adopt


Tuesday 28 July 2020

PSALM 8 v 2 , PROVERBS 22 v 6, Matthew 18 v 2-10

As Lucy has made us aware through todays email , May has been designated by 'Youth for Christ' as " PRAY THROUGH MAY" .The goal of the initiative is to focus on praying for young people and I think this is something we could do for OUR young people.

I don't know about you , but I miss them - their faces, their noise, their laughter and enthusiasm ,their moods ( oh yes, the bottom lips and frowns are noticed and missed!).


Perhaps you could add into your prayer time a slot specifically for our Youth throughout May ( if you don't already).


Some specific words have been allocated for each day of May to focus on and I list them here for you:-

1st= Life                           2nd= School                         3rd= Faith                                4th= Mind

5th= Darkness                              6th= Heart                         7th= Screens.


Whatever the Holy Spirit brings to mind as you focus on the word for the day and our young people - pray as lead.

The younger of our church family may be out of sight just now, but they are still facing their own individual difficulties. Lockdown is not all a big game for them , although that first thought of " no school " may have seemed alluring for some.

The Bible has a lot to say about children - how they are a blessing and a heritage from the Lord and that we should teach them and love them as Jesus did. See Psalm 8 v2, Prov22 v6, Matt v2-10.

You may remember this lively song from a week ago: ' every move I make I make in You , you make me move Jesus'. Let it move us to pray for our vibrant young people in their walk of faith.


Lord you alone know the hearts of young people . I pray that you would grow in them a desire for a personal relationship with you . You can do great things Father and I pray your Holy Spirit will speak to our children daily and grow in them a passion that wants to know you more and live daily for you. They are only with us a short time so I pray that you would help us to be faithful and courageous in raising them , pointing them towards your Holy word. Show us how to pray with them and for them. You are the Way , the Truth and the Light - help us to live this and pass this on to our children , for their sakes. Amen

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