Monday 22 March 2021

Watch, Wait, Do,

Our group met on 11/03/2021 and here is our devotional.

We started this week looking at something we touched on last week the reminder that God made everything. He never lets us down he has given us a wonderful promise to always be with us to never leave us, He walks alongside us, He keeps us from growing weary, He renews our strength no matter our age we can all hold onto the Lord and soar. God does not come and go He is constant.

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The study leads  us back into waiting but specifically this time we picked up on watchmen. We discussed their importance and their qualities how they must always be alert because if they fail bad will come. We discussed modern day watchmen our emergency services, our pets and technology. We even have watchmen in our Church our phone pastors and the prayer chain.

Have we started our own watch?

We then discussed every day waiting, do we wait patiently? Do we consider waiting as positive or negative? We decided it all depends on what we are waiting for. If you're queuing in a shop, do you get impatient? A suggestion given was to look round you, pray for all those who are also waiting to focus on the Lord and regain your patience, regain a purpose.

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We were then led into Doing, are we being true Christians? are we loving everyone, not just tolerating but truly loving? Look deeper into Romans 12. How much of that passage can you honestly say Yes Lord I obey? Is it hard to live in peace? We must not grow weary; we must all follow Christ's example we must all humble ourselves. As we have musicians, they discussed the importance of 'second fiddle' in practical terms but it does apply to life in general. The second fiddle is just as important as the first -it is there to keep the harmony. Without a second fiddle the first has no rhythm. Do you understand how that is in general life?

Now we look at justice as it is depicted with scales, we must be the balance for all the evil our only weapon we have is the Lord, the strength to do good, the strength to be nice. We must look at all the points of an argument; we must not dive into a choice without fully looking into everything.

We leave you with some words on worry; it is not in God's plan for us to worry. We are basically saying God cannot do his job properly. Every Worry robs today of all the blessings God wants to give you.

Now we must go back : we must return to the Lord with the same passion as when we first turned our eyes on him.

Love and God bless you all

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