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Quiz Afternoon

17 May 2020

Family Quiz

On Saturday 23rd May, Mansfield Baptist Church Online will be hosting a Family Quiz.  Join us at 4pm for an afternoon of Family Fun, Fellowship and Friendly Competition.

We are using the MyQuiz website to run the quiz, while having a zoom meeting for people to chat, socialize and generally have a laugh with each other.  Details below.

If you have never used MyQuiz, it is a quiz website where everyone is shown a question at the same time and you have 30 seconds to select one of the multiple-choice answers.  The first 3 teams to answer also get bonus points. There is a 25 second gap between each question.

MyQuiz can be run on a smartphone, so feel free to use MyQuiz on your phone so that you can access the Zoom meeting on your computer or laptop.

The Zoom meeting will be used for chatting and so that the Quiz Masters can introduce each round.  It is not necessary to be in the chat to join the quiz, however we would love you to socialize with us.


The quiz is aimed at families with questions ranging from pre-school TV and secondary-school English Literacy to international cuisine and 20th Century events and so we invite you to enter as a family team.

Jonathan will be available from 3:45pm on Zoom to help with any technical Issues people may be having.



The quiz is being hosted on the MyQuiz website, go to:


The Zoom meeting: 

Meeting ID: 775 9163 5841

Password: 5NfcWU

For help with Zoom, see Learn To Use Zoom In Five Minutes


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