Finding Hope in Difficult Times

Friday 08 January 2021

“God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble”.

Psalm 46 v 1

Can you Imagine being locked in a cell for more than 23 hours a day, lying on the floor, chained to the wall, with no books, paper or music. You are in solitary confinement, and see your captors for only a few minutes when they take you to the toilet – or to a torture cell to be beaten. One day the torture includes a mock execution. And this goes on for four.

This was reality for a man called Terry Waite who held hostage in Beirut in 1987 for five years. He had travelled there with the hope of negotiating the release of Western hostages held there. Early on during his four years in solitary he realized that he had to remain “mentally and spiritually active”. He “wrote” the book that later became a bestseller, Taken on Trust, entirely in his head. He composed and memorized poetry, and recited the Psalms, relishing the rhythms and language. “Good language, like good music, has the ability to breathe harmony into the soul,” he said. Although a Christian he didn’t expect any favours from God. “I don’t believe that faith gives you any special protection,” he said. But he discovered that suffering need not destroy, and great works of art can emerge from hardship, and incredibly he grew in Christ like Character that did not leave him bitter. After his release, he returned to Beirut and met up with his captors. “They were surprised to see me,” he said. I bet they were!

It easy to be inspired by a story like this, it’s another to live through dark and difficult times and emerge a better and Godlier person because of the experiences. But what was Terry Waites source of Strength? It clearly was much more than a positive attitude and discipline ,I was inspired to read that he recited the Psalms and  I loved his  comment that their  language is like good music has the ability to breathe life into the Soul.

Until Lockdown ends, I invite you to Journey with me through some of the Psalms that have breathed life into people down the centuries who have experienced the hard and difficult times in life, have been honest in their call to God to be with them and be their strength

I haven’t a plan, I hope the Spirit will lead to us to where he breathe is life into us for in these days.

With Much love and prayers

Mark and Jane.


With Much love and prayers


Mark and Jane


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