Walking with Jesus

Friday 09 April 2021

As they talked and discussed these things with each other, Jesus himself came up and walked along with them; 16 but they were kept from recognizing him.

Luke 24 v 15-16

What is the most important the Journey or the destination?


 A few years ago, I was given some time to go to the Isle of Iona, a small but incredibly beautiful place off the north west coast of Scotland. There was a retreat centre on the Island where I would stay, and it was quite an historic place as it was said that Christianity came to Scotland through Saint Columba. I read so many stories of people who had visited the Island and had deep encounters with the Lord there. And it was said to be as a “thin place” where the space between heaven and earth seemed less and people recognised the Prescence of Jesus more deeply. I was extremely excited to spend time and meet with Jesus there.  I could not wait to get there.

I was trying to decide how to get there based on the time I had, I was tempted to fly up as far as I could and then hire a car as that would have been the quickest and given me the most time at the Island. But I decided in the end to travel via train, and what a great decision that was. The train to Glasgow was a great start to just sit, read, pray, talk to people and was very relaxing. The next train ride was from Glasgow to Oban and WOW I could not believe how much I would have missed as the train went through some of the most beautiful scenery in the UK, (“The Trossachs National park”) Just admiring the view I could feel the presence of Jesus with me as I headed to my destination, what a joy it was. The rest of the journey just got better, 2 ferry rides and an hour-long bus ride along a rickety single-track road across the Isle of Mull having to make numerous stops for livestock on the road. I realised on this retreat the importance of recognising that Jesus walks with us through our journey of Life, always with us, even when at times when we do not always recognise Him.

Our bible reading today shows Jesus walking along with two men just after He had been resurrected. They were sad about everything that had happened, and their hopes had been dashed on the rocks of disappointment. But Jesus drew near to them and took them on a journey of faith to learn how to walk with Him. When He would no longer be physically present, meeting Him in His word, and at times deep encounters and glimpses of his Glory as He draws so close, our spiritual eyes see Him! Through His word and His Spirit, He brings fresh hope that He truly does never leave us, never forsake us, always is our ever-present help. How close are you walking with Jesus today?


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 Luke 24 v 13-32

He has walked this path before us, He is walking with us still.

Dustin Kensrue.
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