Tuesday 28 July 2020

The words of different songs do keep coming back to me , very special over the years since I was very young. Yes He loves even me , His blood was shed for me and He bids me come to Him

Then I was looking at our scripture reading yesterday - Hebrews Chapter 9 verses 23-28.  The High Priests entered the Holy Place every year with blood that was not their own. However , Jesus entered Heaven in the very presence of God so that His sacrifice was made once and forever , and for all . As we hear in Exodus 33  -   ' My Presence will go with you ' .

This is ongoing 24/7 . It is so wonderful at this time when we make phone calls , send cards or gifts , and think and pray for each other. But how do we feel about that forever Presence today , just where are we ? It seemed to me I had found the answer.

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