Saturday 10 October 2020

MICAH 6 v 8

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Our Harvest appeal within the Church at this time is two-fold: The Bags of Hope and The Guinebor II hospital in Chad.

Today our harvest focus is on the Guinebor Hospital in Chad.


Sue Kemp writes :

“I finally realised, when working abroad, just how rich I have been all my life.
I was born in the year the NHS began and still remember free orange juice, cod liver oil and school milk.
Free access to doctors and hospitals remain, despite the spiralling costs.

For the people of CHAD life is much more precarious.

Claire Bedford -our BMS link missionary -works in the pharmacy at Guinebor II hospital in Chad.
The doctors and nurses there are devoted to the patients and work very long hours to give the best treatment they can offer.


· They need our financial support to improve their resources.

· They need our prayers as they tell the gospel story so that many come to Christ.

How can we please our God who has blessed us with so many privileges?
Micah tells us to “do justly , love mercy , and walk humbly with our God”.
So let’s share the blessings and make Chad a place where there is a chance for justice and mercy.“


‘To act justly’: acoustic worship

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