Tuesday 28 July 2020

When you give your life to Christ it's the start of a journey of faith , for some it's a blind faith where they step out trusting in Jesus to walk with them never having seen him but simply know He is the one in total control.
Many will have grown up in a Christian family knowing  Jesus from as early as they can remember as a part of their lives.
Others like me will have heard of Jesus in childhood but it was a Damascus road event that brought them to giving their lives to Jesus. 
Having seen Him in all his power rescuing them from the situation they found them selves unable to handle without Jesus in their lives.
Near where I live is a corner, well actually there are a few but the one that prompted this devotional has two big vans parked to your left and a corner shop  on the right with people parking and moving their cars. Going forward or reversing. 
A horseshoe shaped junction ahead of you with cars coming out of both roads and cars coming up and down the road I needed to turn on too, to cross over in to the first horse shoe shaped turning. It's a normal occurrence now that vehicles no longer park leaving corners clear.
The blind faith coming out inch by inch as it's totally unknown what's coming from your left side. Praying nothing is coming up fast and watching what's going on around you to the right in case the situation changes there. 
I wonder if that's how the first disciples felt stepping out not knowing what would happen but in faith in the power of what they had seen that day.
Calling of the disciples is a key episode in the life of Jesus in the New Testament. It appears in Matthew 4:18–22, Mark 1:16–20 and Luke 5:1–11 on the Sea of Galilee. John 1:35–51
Looking at hymns and songs that have eyes that are opened. There are so many  each different but show how once you come out of the darkness of blindness and  in to the light and hope of Jesus you can truly see the Faith we find in Him.


Thank you Jesus for opening my eyes and praying for those still to see.

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