Tuesday 06 April 2021

DAZZLING LIGHT – Everyday resurrection.

Our final reading in the Lent booklet is Luke 24 v 1-12.

This is also the final reading in the book 'At home in Lent' by Gordon Giles, from which I have shared some excerpts earlier in Lent. Although his last day is Easter Sunday, I thought I would still share the thoughts with you:


" Did you sleep well last night? Did you arise with a sense of excitement that today is Easter Day? Christ is risen! Hallelujah!

We rise to find that Lent is over. Whatever we gave up, we can eat, drink, smoke or take up again (must we?)
Whatever we have been reading is complete (almost).
Whatever we took up, we can lay down (but should we?)
The world looks different after 46 days: events have been and gone and our surroundings seem to us changed.


The Lord is risen indeed!

He rises with us each and every day. Just as each night when we go to sleep we die a little death as we turn off the life-light, every morning the light returns and dazzles us with the dawning reality of our own daily resurrections. It is our daily rising that reaffirms our own existence and connects us to the greater light without which we would be dead.

In faith, we see everything by the light of the Easter sunrise.

So it is that the light that dazzles us on first acquaintance, the resurrection light that blinded and confused the early disciples and made them fearful, soon made them excited as they realised that this light illuminates everything that they had already seen, and would see in the future.

As we rise again, to a normal day that is also the day of resurrection, we may feel it is special because the calendar says it is. But actually, every single day is illuminated by Easter light, and every day is simply just another, normal, regular, recurring day of resurrection.

We do not say today "Christ has risen".

No – we say, "Christ IS risen".

For Christ is risen every day. Every day is Easter day and the day of resurrection is every day.


May the resurrection light of Christ illuminate our past and our future, and shine from everything we see and touch this Easter and hereafter.


For your, lord, are risen. You are risen indeed! Hallelujah! Christ the Lord is Risen Today - 

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