Tuesday 28 July 2020

Keeping all our young people from Church in mind, we continue with the “PRAY THROUGH MAY” initiative.

I enclose the next set of topics for the week 22nd to 28th May.


22nd. Questions               23rd. Action                     24th.  Peer pressure           25th. Social media            26th. friendships

                                           27th. Exams                                         28th. Safety


For those who signed up to this initiative, a daily email is sent with a short devotional and thoughts on the day’s chosen word. Enclosed within it is a short video clip with someone’s take on the word for the day. They are all thought provoking and different.

This link below is from Tuesday 19th May when the word to pray about was CHURCH.

Peter Hopper from Youth for Christ communications team filmed his quick thoughts on Church.

It’s worth a listen :

For those of you who find it too fast a rap J here are his words (apart from one even I couldn’t catch – perhaps a colloquialism?) But still have a listen anyway because he expresses his thoughts well.



whether we know it or not, want to be or not, we are the church and the church is us

the covenant signed, sealed and revealed

the strip is designed - home and away - with 3 chords down the front and a cross on the back

We are those that would pursue the presence and experience the power to turn a bus stop into a meeting place and make it a sacred space

For where we are there is the bride with the groom standing proudly alongside

We are a vision of beauty, a masterpiece on display for close inspection

We are an antidote to loneliness

We are the broken body sent to those with broken bodies

We are an imperfect sign pointing to the source of perfection

The one whose hands fix the write offs, the ? sea risky damaged goods

Made perfect in his sight

We are the beneficiaries of the ultimate sacrifice

We are the diversely different, but also the same

United, but stood in different uniforms, spread across to every corner

Made from the fabric of local cut cloth

Called to serve the streets from the inner city to the birds and the leafy locked down gated communities

Called to prop open the door for those with no home to stagger in and find a space in a house for HIS house has many rooms and spaces with many seats, beds and impressive spreads

Space enough for all of us and more

A space, a life and eternity prepared

Called to give or share or lose all so that others might gain what we can’t lose

Nameless ones, identities and reputations left at Golgotha’s wasteland

So we call out into the streets, inviting all the houseless lost ones ‘come to the table’

‘come, eat, so you will never again thirst’

For we are the church and the church is us.






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