Friday 28 August 2020


It is good if we can move away from all the normal  activities of daily life to welcome the gracious presence of the Lord ,  even until we can be aware of our own breathing and allow Him to open our eyes and heart .
Be still and know that I am God . 
Our reading this morning was Habakkuk Ch  : 3
Following his complaints we hear the Lord's reply to Habakkuk  . It must have seemed very disappointing , a godless  Babylonian army to demonstrate to his own people their need to repent . However , there seem many injustices in this life , and sorrow and pain in others that can sometimes be overlooked . Prayer and silence can indeed be the only response left . We can however trust only in Him and the lordship of Jesus Christ  . 
Habakkuk Ch 3 : 2 
'Lord , I have heard of your fame ; I stand in awe of your deeds Lord . Repeat them in our day  , in our time make them known ; in wrath remember mercy' . 
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