Tuesday 04 May 2021

      This week we look at Revelation 6 and the opening of the first 6 seals. The first seal depicts a white horse riding out with a bow and a crown and he comes as a conqueror. We had debates about who this is, is it Christ? Unlikely Christ is the one opening the seals. Is it Satan? I believe this to be unlikely but that is the most popular belief as we all know Satan can mimic Christ and he is a ruler which would explain the crown and he also is a conqueror of sorts as he has already conquered this world. I believe it to be a spirit of conquest as the other riders are spirits sent from heaven why not the white rider as well? Also, why would Satan be in heaven and departing with others sent from God? 

 *While typing this I had a very strange thought put into my head I don’t know where it came from but it screamed at me. What if the white horse was Satan when he was ‘thrown out’ what if the seals have already been opened as we know God has a totally different timeline to us as discussed in a previous devotional, time is constant there is no past, present or future it’s all one. Satan rode out as a conqueror and look what a good job he’s done, he mimics Christ and has been reigning in this world for so long. He has conquered most of this world already so many of us value what he brings.  

       The next horse is as red as blood and it comes to cause war and death, an internal torment, this is a scary thought to some as full war everywhere will cause so much hurt and bloodshed do, we really want this? But we know this is actually happening right now. * The thought came here* 

      The third horse is black representing famine, wages will be given in food not money and the wage will be enough only for that person to eat, there will not be enough to feed a family, this famine won’t affect the rich they have plenty stored up, but soon they will be affected. 

     The next horse is pale or in some translations pale green which represents plague and this horse is called death. Here everyone will be affected there will be no getting away. During this time the wild animals will start using us as food, but look at the world now we are destroying their home and they are moving into more populated areas as they just have nowhere to go. How long will it be until we completely destroy all their food and they have no choice but to eat us? While looking at death we ask how you feel about this. Are you scared of dying? 


      Next, we look at martyrs and we learn they won’t be avenged until the total number of people have been tortured and died for their faith. Are you worried about this? One day you may be called to suffer and die for your faith, are you ready? Think about this carefully if someone came to you today with a sword and said renounce your faith or suffer would you be willing to suffer? 

     The sixth seal to be opened causes worldwide destruction, would you be one of the people who try to run and hide? I pray not. I pray your faith and love of Jesus and God is strong enough for you to stand firm. If we have truly repented, we have nothing to fear. 

Original Song by Marty Clayton Banfield


     We leave you with some encouragement we are called to be adventurous and fearless whatever comes our way we can stand firm and trust in God. We are also called to be militant we need to be active in serving God and standing up for our faith. 

     We are loved, we are saved and we have nothing to fear 

Love and God bless you all. 

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