Tuesday 28 July 2020

 Reading the newsletter this week, concerning imagining a deeper life with God, I suddenly found myself sobbing. What was this all about I thought, why me now? After a few minutes I felt I knew , I know Him, but perhaps I have not offered what I could in return for all I have received.  

I was lucky to grow up in a Christian home knowing my 'special friend' Jesus. As I grew and things changed, I discovered more. Through Confirmation, marriage and having children , life was indeed richly blessed.  

Then I was diagnosed with a benign brain tumour called a meningioma which was widespread in my head. What!! Somehow the Lord led us to the right help and eventually to 11 hours of major surgery in Washington , America. I was unsure if life would ever be the same again but I woke up at peace with my husband, Clive and the intensive care nurse each side of me AND I knew them and understood that I was recovering from surgery. Thank you, Lord ! Also, my parents were able to care for our two small children then under five at the time , thirty years ago.  This was a real answer to extensive prayer by our Church family and anointing before we left. 

Maybe even more scary ,  four years ago I needed some laser surgery to treat  weakened blood vessels in my head.  This would mean I would need to be stationary inside the scanner for one and a half hours to ensure the treatment was focused on the correct area within my head. The terror was incredible, how could that be? Would I move and mess things up and what effect would that have on me as a person?  

On the day of treatment in Sheffield a metal frame was screwed onto my skull under local anaesthetic and this was then screwed into the scanner. The living Lord was very much with me. At the start of the procedure much of the fear seemed to leave me and the time in the scanner seemed so short. I knew the real presence of the Lord right there at the end of the scanner couch. I was prompted with words of scripture, Christian songs and prayer throughout. It only seemed like a few minutes and it was over and I just could not shut up telling everyone what had happened. I so wish I could do that more today.  

Well , so I have here. I pray it may be an encouragement and reality for many.  He is here for you at the lowest ebb a real living presence.  

To Almighty God be all praise and thanks for His unending love and care for each throughout our daily lives, AMEN 

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