Monday 08 March 2021

On our house group Thursday Elizabeth took us on a journey of how her Lent Bible study had gone from one word in the praise section.
Jehovah Nissi my banner. It was really lovely and we learnt so much.
On Saturday I was led to do the same thing in Psalm 130 5-6 
I put in praise All Seeing and I wondered what God's name from that would be.... and I was also taken on a journey.
In Hebrew Hazaiah , babys name meaning God sees.
Which led to watchman  in the verse , who were they?
This word was the start of a great Bible study.
In the Old and New Testament and the great importance of it in our lives today.
They kept the town safe. They would know the shift would end and the dawn would come.
In Hebrew watchmen :  sentinel , to look out.
Led me to Isaiah 56 10 -12
Watching very important 
Who were the watchmen?
What were they watching for?
Why did they watch?
What looking for?
 I looked then at the first two questions 
Israel has always had many enemies then and now.
Jerusalem had thick high walls like many cities in olden times.
The walls of Babylon and Jericho. 
The watchmen were guards who would stand on the walls of Jerusalem and in the towers and look out upon the land.
 The Hebrew word tsaohah and has the meaning to lean forward, to peer in to the distance, by implication means to observe behold spy out, wait for keep the watch.
They had a very important task watching for messages or more importantly enemies or approaching army's.
In Isaiah 56 10-12 is the worst example of watchmen
Blind, lack of knowledge,  mute dogs, 
lie around sleep. they are lacking in understanding and each seeks their own gain.
God's assessment of watchmen in the days of Isaiah :

Blind... if watchmen were blind how much worse if Gods leaders are blind spiritually?
 Ignorant..  in Hebrew Yada, to know to see to perceive.  God was saying that Israel's leaders were unable to perceive what was going on..
Not understanding Gods will the peoples needs or trouble brewing.
Not good then or now.
Mute... To see the enemy and alert the people of danger when they saw the work of the enemy...
Or things that led people away from God that said nothing. Leaders in it for their own gain/pleasure. Gods assessment they were spiritually asleep and loved pleasures more than they did Him. 
Again not watchmen you want but they are still around today.
Do we have watchmen in the church today? Or is it the responsibility of us all? And is it something we do?
In the New Testament you don't read about watchmen - but the command  to watch is increased. Now it is the command to us all.
Hebrews 13.17 Obey your leaders submit to their authority. They must watch over you and they must give an account.
Obey so their work will be a joy not a burden. That would be no advantage to you.
Leaders do watch over all those in their care. Just as a watchman in Jerusalem would be scanning the horizon watching for trouble as leaders now watch over the souls of people that they would be cared for spiritually.
Daunting especially as they have to give an account to God.
Acts 20 28 Be on guard....
1 Ti 4 16 watch your life and doctrine...
The imagery here is straight from the watchmen of the Old Testament who could through faithful observation save himself and others in the city.
So watching in the New Testament applies in this way to leaders but not only leaders but to all Gods people.
In the Old Testament watching for disturbances the enemy or scheme's of the enemy.... still the same now and in the New Testament...
1 Peter 5 6-9- humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God...
Sober spirit be on the alert or be on the alert on the watch.
The command to watch is here for us all what is the enemy trying to steal... the very thing he hates, your faith.
Nehemiah 4 7-15
In the days of Nehemiah the walls being rebuilt, gaps were exposed places- easy place to attack- a half exposed area.... what is your exposed place?
What area is the enemy most likely to attack you?
What's the area you most trip up in. The enemy loves these week areas.
Nehemiah's advises all to be on watch. We all have areas of weakness so be on the watch.
The long battle belongs to the Lord.
The battle isn't ours.... we play our part no doubt but thankfully  we have a heavenly watchman and nothing escapes his gaze.
Well all from one word , the Lent study can be used in so many ways and opens the door for a great dialogue to open up. 
With our father and each other.
I followed the link on chrome and was able to read the words of the hymn or press the option mp3 to listen.
With lots of love Elaine.
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