God is faithful

Sunday 03 May 2020

Jesus Christ is the same Yesterday today and forever, He is faithful both when things are good and when their difficult, look back at the end of every day ,every week and perhaps at the end of this season we are in or after many years and say Great your Faithfulness Oh God unto to me! Please pause the video for 5 minutes at the place where the bible reading is 1. Read the passage 2. Answer and discuss the question 3.Post an example of God's faithfulness on our facebook page Then continue to watch the meeting

Zoom meetings

After Church Tea and Chat Link Password Start time
mark & Jane https://zoom.us/j/83967863204 213677 Sun 03 May 12:00 PM
Paula & Lucy get together https://zoom.us/j/9755987335 2020PS Sun 03 May 12:00 PM
Nathaniel's Home https://zoom.us/j/4132120628 122192 Sun 03 May 12:00 PM
Jonathan & Neha https://zoom.us/j/76219480052 1aPwkS Sun 03 May 12:00 PM
Wendy's House https://zoom.us/j/88127564871 898630 Sun 03 May 12:00 PM
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