Luke 2 25-35

Sunday 05 September 2021

Our bible reading on Sunday is from Luke 2 v25-35, where Mary and Joseph bring the baby Jesus to the Temple for a ceremony that was the custom and requirement for new born babies at that time. Simeon was a priest and had been promised he would see God’s plan for Salvation. He had been waiting a long time, when in that short meeting with Jesus as a baby the Holy Spirit opened his eyes to see and to know that the time had come in this baby. Simeon was so satisfied, privileged that in that one brief moment in his life he said he could leave this earth in peace, fully satisfied it was more than enough! Is Jesus more than enough for you? Is your experience of knowing Jesus Christ as your Lord, Saviour and friend enough that even if you lost everything else, would you be happy? Is He more than enough? This week we also have a Child dedication.
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