Creation is groaning for Jesus to return

Sunday 12 September 2021

Romans 8 18-25 (late change in reading) Climate change has already caused irreversible damage, the impact of change in our climate is already being seen in many parts of the world before our eyes with fires, droughts and extreme weather events. The challenge the world faces is not stopping global warning as that is already too late but limiting the situation from becoming an extinction event! What should our response as God’s people be to these things? Is this a sign of the end coming? How can we change anything? If its all going to end with the return of Jesus to Earth is there any point trying? Our faith is to live and to serve the Lord in faithfulness NOW. Being good stewards of God’s creation and resources, not neglecting those in need, but also to live in the light of certain and sure hope that Jesus will come and make all things new Look up to Jesus your Hope. Look out with the reflection of His love for His world - Annon
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