A Fathers Love

Tuesday 31 March 2020

See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!

1 John 3 v 1

In the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. A young, ambitious and a perfectly fit athlete, Called Derek Redman was all set to compete The race started and just like the other sprinters, he ran to win. All was good in the initial moments when suddenly something really unfortunate happened. Derek snapped his hamstring! We can only imagine the kind of pain a person with a such an injury goes through! He could barely move! He was screaming in pain but such was his determination that he kept hopping, all he wanted at that point of time was to reach the end!

The world witnessed something really beautiful that day! Seeing his son crying in pain but still moving just to finish the race, Derek’s father couldn’t keep standing among the audience, he jumped into the track and held his son. He came to support the struggling Derek so that he doesn't fall before he reaches the end. By this time both of them knew they have lost the race, but they kept moving. Derek’s father kept comforting him like a father does to a 10-year-old kid.

This incident brought tears not only to Derek and his father but to all those who witnessed it. The officials kept trying to get Derek’s father back into the audience, but he didn’t. Derek and his dad finished the race together!

Derek didn’t win the race that day, but the duo won many hearts for sure!

That is the Love of father, a fraction of the truth that we have a heavenly Father who loves us beyond what we can possibly imagine. He desires his children to win! He badly wants his children to reach the finish line in life’s race and no one will stop him helping carry you through the race to the finish line. By His nature He never lets his child stay down before they he finish the race. You and He may have your differences at times, but believe what the Bible says, He’ll be the first to hold you when you fall and that He lavishes you with a deep unconditional love!

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