Come and join the celebration

Tuesday 31 March 2020

But let the righteous be glad; let them exult before God; Yes, let them rejoice with gladness.

Psalm 68:3

Come and join the celebration
When was the last time that you really had to laugh? And then I mean, real laughter – one that you couldn’t stop. Can you recall this moment?
When was the last time that you had fun and were really joyful and happy? What was the reason for that joy? And how did you express your joy?
Every Sunday is our day to gather TOGETHER to joyfully celebrate God’s goodness, faithfulness and love, but today is a double helping as we celebrate together both New life and New birth. We welcome wade and Hannah and their family this morning as they bring Harriett for dedication.

Celebrate New Birth: Baby or child dedication is to firstly give thanks to God for this NEW BIRTH and commit their life to God. Hannah and Wade will express their understanding that their children belong to God and that they have been entrusted to raise them well so all their potential can be realised. They also express their intent to raise Harriett in God’s ways, with the hope that she will come to faith in Jesus. Dedication is also a way for us as a congregation to join in prayer for the family and to commit to being a supportive community of faith.
We are also celebrating today NEW LIFE in Baptism as we welcome Lee Thomas to be baptised at the evening service.

Celebrate New Life: When we have been born again, we should show publicly our commitment to Him. Baptism does not make us a Christian, as God has already done that when we have repented from our sins and invited Jesus Christ to be Lord of our life. The Lord will often confirm with the filling or baptism in His Holy Spirit upon and in the person being baptised. It is this the overflowing of the Holy Spirit that transforms a person so much that they visibly show the reality of God at work in their lives.

Celebrate God: When you the see God’s handiwork bringing life changing transformation it is breath-taking and should fill us with great Joy that Jesus is alive and kicking, and turning lives around, restoring what has been broken. I heard a story today of someone becoming a Christian receiving NEW BIRTH in answer to many years of faithful prayer for them. So, lets Gather together and joyfully celebrate All who God is, all that He has done for us, and all He continues to do.

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  1 Samuel 1:1 -17

Celebration is the completion of worship; it dwells on the greatness of God as shown in his goodness to us

D. Willard.
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