‘Finding God in the Psalms’

Friday 29 January 2021

Book of Psalms

When we’ve been very busy, or working hard on a hot, dry day we cry out: “I’m parched! I’m gasping for a drink.” What a relief then to enjoy a glass of refreshing water.

We can go longer without food but not very long without water. This applies also to our desire for God both when things are going well and when life is tough. We need God’s refreshing touch. Quite often at church someone would go to the kitchen for a glass of water. That is not possible at the moment but there is a way both of finding spiritual refreshing for ourselves and also of sharing that refreshing with others. That can help overcome any feeling of isolation or loneliness that some may feel in these unusual and difficult days.

In addition to our concern for fellow members, we are also called to remember the world in which we live including the world of work. We are also reminded that it was Holocaust Memorial Day last Wednesday, that it is Leprosy Mission   Sunday today and also the BMS World Mission Day of Prayer. God so loves the world he created and redeemed and asks us to do so as well.

God bless you as we continue to be refreshed and challenged by the Book of Psalms.



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“By all means write new songs. But to neglect the church’s original hymnbook is, to put it bluntly, crazy. The Psalms represent the Bible’s own spiritual root system for the great tree we call Christianity.”

Tom Wright
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