Only Jesus can satisfy the thirsty Soul

Saturday 05 June 2021

As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God.

Psalm 42 v 1

My very first job was as a miner working 1 mile underground and often miles away from the exit and fresh water. Many places were extremely hot to work in due to the air flow and heat generated by the production machinery. This meant everyone having to carry a lot of water to be able to survive an 8- or 12-hour shift.

There was one particularly area where it was extremely hot and none of the face workers couldn’t carry enough water to last for the whole shift so would have been at risk of dehydration, to add to the complications a part of the tunnel to get there was extremely low and distorted and was impossible for transport to use, so everything had to carried by hand through a section of 200 meters, it was like an extreme obstacle course and very hot, it was on the return end of the air flow so all the dust  from the production also filled the space. The management devised a plan that two people would somehow move a large part frozen barrel of water through this area with the incentive that when they completed the task they could go home. On paper it was a two-hour job and with eight hours pay, in reality it was two hours of the hardest work of your life. The workers were extremely grateful for ice cold refill that quenched their desperate thirst part way through their shift.

God has created us in an amazing way with thirst as a mechanism to tell us our need for water to survive. God has created every human being with a need for Him which creates a Spiritual Thirst which only He can quench. Without the living waters of the Presence of God (The Holy Spirit) bubbling up into eternal life we will always remain thirsty. We were created to be in deep relationship and union with God, without Him in the deepest part of who are are the bible says we are like people in a dry parched desert where there is no water.( Psalm 63 v1) Sadly many people either have no idea that Jesus is the answer to their deepest needs, and quenches the thirst that nothing else can. Or just live filling life  full of many other things both good and bad, its only at times of crisis that the echo of an empty and thirsty Soul is heard and felt. This Soul thirst has been called a “God shaped hole” within our being that nothing else can fill. God may also allow you into the deserts of life to create thirst for Him which either you haven’t had or forgotten about.

I've been a Christian for many years now and can honestly say knowing Jesus does satisfy life Ask yourselves a question what would I rather have £40 million in the bank or more of Jesus?, As we taste an see that the Lord is good, (Psalm 34 v 8) it creates a healthy desire, A longing in us for more, to know him more deeply, to love Him more dearly, to serve Him more fully and to be channel of living water to the world around us.

Our bible reading this week explore Jesus’ encounter with the woman at the well.


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 John 4 v 1-14

The most vital question to ask about all who claim to be Christian is this: Have they a soul thirst for God? ... Is their life centered on Him? Do they press forward more and more that they might know Him.

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