This is my body broken for you

Tuesday 31 March 2020

19 And he took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, “This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me.”

Luke 22:19

We need to be reminded
Without doubt, we are forgetful by nature not just by age. Who has ever forgot where they put their car keys, phone, purse or glasses? Or how about a birthday, anniversary of those closest to us or who has ever forgotten to turn up at some important meeting? But would you admit your forgetfulness like the 3 people who shared the following tweets on social media.

#Forgot my newborn. Left him outside the bank in his pram. Lucky I'd only got 20miles away.
# Oh, I win at this. Was maid of honor for BFF's wedding. Kept ring in my purse as dress didn't have pockets and I was afraid I'd lose it. Left purse in dressing room downstairs during ceremony. Somehow, she is still speaking to me.
# once forgot my older sister’s name for a week. I was too embarrassed to ask anyone what she was called. Does that make you feel any better?

There are a number of ways, which have been proven to help us to remember things. Two of which are association with a symbol and repetition. Companies use these principles very powerfully to get us remember their brand and be loyal to buy their products by use of a simple symbol that is placed where people will see it often. The simpler the symbol and the more it’s seen the more memorable it becomes. So, Jesus takes the two simple symbols of bread and wine and adds repetition i.e. to do this often to remember me. This simply helps us remember the most important event in history, for our lives and for the whole world. Had he not done so, we probably would of soon forgot the simplicity of his sacrifice on the cross to forgive our sins and reconcile us to God and who knows how complicated we would of made it by now.
Today we will simply remind ourselves of these symbols that deeply refresh and nourish our souls and look together at how we approach this simple act of remembrance, and help children, young people and those new to the Christian faith to understand why we share this act together.
Jesus invites us to share in communion not just to remember what he has done but also that we share in the blessings that our relationship with him brings.

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 Matthew 26 v v26-30

“Just come to the table Come join the sinners, you have been redeemed Take your place beside the Saviour now Sit down and be set free Come to the table just come to the table

Lyric taken form a song by the sidewalk prophets
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