Unless someone tells them….

Tuesday 31 March 2020

by Bob Goody

Have you ever found yourself in a conversation with someone, and you wonder what on earth they are on about? I find myself in that situation so often, especially as I have the privilege of travelling to work with lots of churches across England. They almost presume as we talk that I know everything about them, their church and everything they have tried to do in the past. When in fairness, most of the time, unless I have done my research, I have not got the foggiest about anything they refer to. Which leads me to beg the question, how would I know, unless someone had told me!
That is the same with so many situations, how would we know something unless someone took the time to tell us. With today being Mother’s Day, does my mum know that I love her? That I appreciate all that she has done for me? That she is in my prayers each day? Well, yes, she does! That is because I have taken the time to tell her of my love, my understanding and my gratitude. How often do we presume that our friends and family know that we love and cherish them, well maybe today is the day you should tell them, whether they are your mother or not?
Did you know that this phrase comes from scripture ‘How can they hear, unless someone tells the’ Romans 10:14. What difference does it make when we share the good things of God? Do we share with those around us of our love and gratitude of all that God has done, is doing and will do in and through us? Imagine if no one had ever taken the time to share about Jesus with you, I wonder how different might your life look today? If someone has never told you about Jesus, then come and ask me, and I would be happy to share about the love, hope, forgiveness and acceptance I find in Him. If you do know Jesus, then go and share that news with someone!

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