What do you look at and never see?

Tuesday 31 March 2020

Acts 3

Sometimes we are so accustomed to our daily routine that we never expect to see anything out of the ordinary. There is a gentlemen who walks past our house every morning with his eyes fixed on the ground. When I greeted him and said ‘Hi’ we began to talk. But he never lifted his eyes from his shoes.Of course sometimes we do look at people and talk but if we ask them how they are, we’re not really interested in their reply we just want to tell them our particular moans or joys of the day and how life is for us.We think this morning of the time when Peter and John went to pray at the temple. How many times had they been doing that? What was it that caught their attention on that particular day? And what did they do about it?Lord, please open our eyes and help us to see people as you see them and help us to love them.


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